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technological disobedience



more? check mastodon toots…

cleaned up the ‘group’ first time;

coffee temperature after cleanup rather low, so been investigating a bit and got to realise the joint on ‘heat exchanger’ was failing;

on Valente 1966 patent application is clearly noted the underside of the bell has to be sealed – so cut,drilled and sanded down a champagne cork to a +-3mm thick torus and added this in under the bell shaped heat exchanger element;

You can and must understand computers NOW

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critical engineering manifesto

man floats accross the atlantic

A whistle shall be placed as high as practicable on a vessel in order to reduce interception of the emitted sound by obstructions and also to minimize hearing damage risks to personnel. The sound level of the vessel’s own signal at listening posts shall not exceed 110 dB(A) and as far as practicable should not exceed 100 dB(A).

(f) A vessel at anchor shall at intervals of not more than one minute ring the bell rapidly for about 5 seconds. In a vessel of 100 metres or more in length the bell shall be sounded in the forepart of the vessel and immediately after the ringing of the bell the gong shall be sounded rapidly for about 5 seconds in the after part of the vessel. A vessel at anchor may in addition sound three blasts in succession, namely one short, one prolonged and one short blast, to give warning of her position and of the possibility of collision to an approaching vessel.

(g) A vessel aground shall give the bell signal and if required the gong signal prescribed in paragraph

(f) of this Rule and shall, in addition, give three separate and distinct strokes on the bell immediately before and after the rapid ringing of the bell. A vessel aground may in addition sound an appropriate whistle signal.

plenty of DIY pvc foghorn designs online


the incommon webpage

a project

a vessel traveling at 1 knot along a meridian travels approximately one minute of geographic latitude in one hour.

‘ashley book of knots’ describes about 4000 knots, from simple hitches to “Marlinspike Seamanship”.


By the way, meeting the playmobil again.

neutrinet project logo

neutrinet install parties, every 3rd sunday of the month / 14h till 18h

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controlling storm32 gimbal documentation

mavlink1 (ardupilot support protocol “1”)

trying to make sense of https://github.com/olliw42/storm32bgc firmwarebinaries and gui /

mechanism of scuderi engine

adler 30-1 / ECM espresso / 26foot sailboat / BW-laserprinter / wood- metalworkshop / arc-tig welder / oscilloscope / rapid100



#temse, waiting for the tide

#brug van willebroek, and its floating bags

mercury 6pk, coming from buratinas, stored in rue locquenghien, repaired at hacklab , maybe sold off and transported to bukavu , to do the rounds on the lakes there.

rpi setup

in .xinitrc

xset -dpms xset s off xset s noblank

unclutter & sudo ntpdate ntp0.pipex.net &

/ setup the python webserver ( this specific installation pulls updates from openweathermap & actuates arduino)

xterm -geometry 80x66+0+0 -name base -e python baseserv.py 8001 &

chromium-browser –new-window –incognito http://localhost:8001 / ‘map’ is the title of xdotool search –name “map” windowsize %@ 750 500 xdotool search –name “map” windowmove %@ 500 500